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Aug. 2009

"The Party" Rotoscoping

x We had to make a rotoscoping animation from the movie "The Party" (© 1968 United Artists) for our animation class.

Click here to play... (QuickTime movie)
In the actual movie his tie is stuck behind a sofa.

The model used was the famous LowMan rig.
Software: Maya

CATEGORIES: Animation 3D

July 2009

ProjectorHead Cut-Out Animation

x A 2D cut-out style animation I made as university project.

Click here to play... (Quicktime movie)

I made the drawings myself.
The "lady in red" is from the movie "The Matrix"(©1999 Warner Bros.)

Done in Adobe After Effects.

CATEGORIES: Animation 2D

July 2009

Random Typo Animation

x Some more homework - nothing special about it. Just a random typo animation.

Click here to play... (Quicktime movie)

Done in After Effects.

CATEGORIES: Animation 2D

June 2009

3D Object Pick-Up Animation

x 3D Animation homework...

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Done in Maya - the model is the famous LowMan Rig

CATEGORIES: Animation 3D

May 2009

Motion Design Homework

x Motion design bumper for the german civil rights group AK Vorrat - as a homework for my university
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Done in Maya.

Please note that this work was not an official assignment by AK Vorrat

CATEGORIES: Animation MotionDesign 3D


"Heim-Vorteil" Cartoon Series

x Concept and Production of a cartoon series about a couple of students - with references to our university.
This was a semesters project including the idea, generation of the characters, script writing, casting, voice recording, story boarding, animation and postproduction - well basically everything there is to do in cartoon animation.
So by the end of the semester we only got a couple of seconds done - which was exactly what we had planned for (realization of several episodes with only 3 people in only one semester of time would have been a bit too optimistic for even us).


You can see the animatic of the first episode and the finished work at our Heim-Vorteil vimeo channel
(German with an austrian accent...)


We were eager to create appealing characters that could portrait all the different types of students and their characteristics.
The finished quartet consists of a party animal, a arts and design chick, a web geek and a hard code tech nerd.
Chris   Vanessa   Thomas   Height Chart
I tried to keep the characters distinguishable and easy to draw - looking back I should have kept them more abstract and cartoony.


We made a extensive storyboard for the first episode to be able to test the concept and the timing on real audiences before drawing the actual animation.
page 1   page 2   page 3   page 4   page 5   page 6   page 7   page 8   page 9   page 10  

Sadly, we were not allowed to continue the project.
I hope I can finish it some time.

CATEGORIES: 2D Animation

Aug. 2008

Hyperion Game Engine - Public Website

x A website made for the Hyperion Game Engine Project by the Titan Works Game Development Team.
(I'm also working on this project.)

The project was born out of the MME that was produced for the development of "Planet X - the Alliance"

The website consists of 100% HTML and CSS.
Nothing fancy to say about it...



"Planet X" Graphical User Interface

x Within the scope of a semester class of Interface Design I developed in implemented a GUI for our game: "Planet X - the Alliance".
The focus was to replace list menues (of distinctive single choices) with a fluent transition between two extremes.
For example: the behavior of the unit AI would not be selected from a drop down menu (stay still, patrol around, do whatever), but controlled via the basic attitudes of that unit (aggressiveness, movability, range etc).

Here's the design document which explains more about the concept and implementation.
(only in german - sorry)

I implemented it in the MME (Engine) of the game using C++/Direct3D.
It's fully operational and features call-back message passing (so you don't have to poll it).

CATEGORIES: SoftwareDeleopment InterfaceDesign


Razorback - Model for Planet-X

x x x x x x

x x x x x A model I made for the Tisan faction of Planet-X.

The concept stated that Tisan ships would rather "swim" and "flout" around in the atmosphere than "fly" (=fight the gravity).
Thus the design was based on oceanology.

Model, rig, map, texture and animation by me.

CATEGORIES: Animation 3D Game


"Planet X - the Alliance" Hydra Concepts

x x x x Some more concept art for "Planet X - the Alliance".
These drawings were my suggestion for the Hydra - one of the three factions in the game.
The concepts for the buildings revolved around the idea that Hydra wouldn't build them on the surface, but rather drop them from the planetary orbit. Piling them deeply into to ground, scarring the skin of the landscape...

The Hydra themselves were inspired by the imperialistic/colonial style.

CATEGORIES: 2D ConceptArt Drawings


Various Studies

x x x Some older drawings I did for practice and show-off.
All were done from real figures.
(The birds were stuffed and the the guy is a statue - but the skull is real.)



Various Character Drawings

x x x x x Some older drawings I made.
Nothing special about it - 2 were drawn for our ShadowRun pole playing group, 2 for a university application and one was completly random.

CATEGORIES: 2D CharacterDesign Drawings


"Planet X - the Alliance" Concept Art

x x x x x Some concept art I made for the independent game project "Planet X - the Alliance" by the Titan Works Game Development Team.
We never got the game done (or: not yet) but it was a nice experience.

The titanum mine was actually produced that way. The idea for semi sub-terrain buildings was rejected...
I still would like to see that in an actual game...

CATEGORIES: 2D ConceptArt Drawings


"The Senator" Bust/Sculpture

x x x x x A small bust made out of Super Sculpy. (Approx.4x4x4cm)
I named him "the Senator".

His neck got burned during the baking. Hopefully my carelessness won't affect his political decisions...
(Later a painted the model white - so it's not visible anymore)



Kraken Attack Animation

x When I worked as an intern at Ascaron Game Development Studios I made this octopus arm for a pirate game.
It was meant to be generated eightfold around a ship and attack it.
We named him eric and he actually made it into the finished game.

Model, rig, map, texture and animation werde done by me.

CATEGORIES: Animation 3D Game